Welcome to Aspyre Collection!

We are a brand that creates handmade jewelry, in the heart of Amsterdam. Here you will find a gift for your partner, loved one or family. A leather bracelet with a gemstone, designed in the most diverse city of the Netherlands. That is what we represent, diversity. Everyone is welcome here. Aspyre Collection stands for connecting with self and others. Give yourself or the people in your life a unique, handmade piece of jewelry! In the end, we are all unique too.

Unique design

Each gemstone we choose will be set in a different way. We work with Sterling Silver which we combine with a leather bracelet. Each stone is unique and will be cut in a different way which is why we custom design your bracelet. Nobody else will have the exact same bracelet! And if you take care of your jewelry, then the generations to come will enjoy it as well. Want something completely different? Then check out our bespoke section or send us an email!


Aspyre Collection started with Moran wanting to make jewelry that strengthen the connection through generations. Mother with daughter, father to son, grandmother to granddaughter. Friends, partners, lovers. That remains our core value, creating a connection between you and your loved ones.