"to aspire"- direct one's ambitions towards achieving something

Unique, handmade bracelets

When Moran and Victoria started the brand Aspyre Collection, they envisioned handmade, unique jewelry, that would be passed on from generation to generation. Jewelry girls could wear long before becoming young women, to eventually pass the piece on to their own daughter. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, Aspyre Collection stands for diversity. We aspire to create unique, inspiring designs with exceptional high quality, making pieces we would wear ourselves. That is what Aspyre Collection stands for.

No matter who or what you are, what you want to commemorate, or which connection you want to solidify, you are welcome at Aspyre Collection. Why? How else do we connect to the world around us? We do what we enjoy, and that is reflected in the connection we make between us and the wearer of our handmade bracelets and between the wearer and their loved ones. We value our world and everyone in it, which is visible in the sustainable manner in which we work, the love we pour into the materials we use and the gratitude we show for the resources we tap in to.

We aspire to create interesting, beautiful and unique bracelets that will be kept in your life for a lifetime. And with good care, for the generations to come!

Who are we?

Moran's family has a rich history of entrepreneurship in jewelry and gemstones. Amsterdam was the stage, and her family was not surprised at all by Moran's choice to design authentic, handmade bracelets, with inspiration from the beautiful city in the North of Holland where any culture feels welcome. Moran is involved in every part of the creation process. From picking the gemstones, how they are cut, the goldsmith setting the stone, the lock design and the packaging. Did you know she makes the packaging herself too? Unique bracelets that pass on from generation to generation, have found the start of their story at Aspyre Collection. The story unfolds because of you.

Driven by a close friendship between Moran and Michail, it became clear that they add and enhance each others strengths. From there a desire grew to collaborate on the brand. Michail, with his strong commercial background and deep knowledge of marketing, and Moran, with her artistic and creative insights and way of work, help position Aspyre Collection as a diverse and complete brand. They value acceptance, love and a connection to their surroundings and people. That is what makes Aspyre Collection a reliable and honest family brand.